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Intro to AR Rifle

Intro to AR Rifle The AR Rifle is quite possibly the most popular firearm in the last ten years in America. Now is the time to learn how to actually use it for both sport and defensive purposes. This class is broken into two parts. This allows the student to absorb and process the information in a better setting than overwhelming them at the range.  

The first half is in our classroom Friday evening located in Eagle. This includes weapons familiarization, sling use, stance, how to use your sights, as well as the technical stuff. We will have you bring your rifle or one will be provided for you so you can become familiar with your own weapons platform.

The following day will be on our private range thirty minutes away. On the range we will cover the following: zeroing the rifle for accuracy, using your sights/optics, stance, grip, trigger control, reloads, and much more. Upon leaving the class you will safe, competent and confident in the use of the AR style rifle.

Upon successful completion you will be able to move to the Defensive AR Rifle class. 

Rental Equipment: Rifle / Shotgun

No Rental Equipment, Rental Equipment: Riifle / Shotgun

Event Details

The intro to AR Rifle course starts on the Friday evening before the shoot with the classroom portion of the course and starts at 6 PM and will be held at Boise Cities Krav Maga (3210 E. Chinden Blvd., Suite 128, Eagle, Idaho).

The Saturday portion of the class will be held at Double Tapp Range: 14010 E Double Tapp Lane, Boise, ID 83704.
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You are responsible for bringing your own ammo.


Venue: Boise Cities Krav Maga thenDouble Tapp Range

Phone: (208) 938-6090

Email: [email protected]

Please Read

In order to attend any Defensive or Practical level firearms classes you must have first successfully completed an Intro class with our training company. ​All courses require you to bring your own ammo. Ammo is NOT included with rental equipment and BC Firearms does not supply it.

Frequently Asked Questions

No experience is required to take our Intro classes. This is the exact purpose of the class regardless of your level of experience. Safety is our number one priority and the only way to control certain aspect of the range is to beside that all students are on the same page from day one. 

No you can rent a weapons kit from us for each class we provide. We encourage you NOT to purchase a gun just for this class. There are so many choices and we would like to help you in this big purchase decision. 

No please follow the guidelines provided when you sign top for the class for each class specific ammunition type and total needed. 

Each class varies slightly but the following items are always included: Your private range fee, targets, and the instructor team. 

If you are providing your own firearm then the following is required: Proper rigid outside the waistband holster made for your actual firearm. Eye and ear protection, baseball cap, long pants, no shorts, out door shoes only, no open toe, standard t shirt, no v neck, ammo, your firearm and at least three magazines for it. 

There are no refunds once you enroll for a class as you will be taking a potential spot for another student. But we can always allow you to take the next class. 

No and in fact we encourage all students to take each class a couple times or until they are completely safe and confidant in their ability to move forward. We also offer a substantial discount to repeat the class. 

We try to always have one Instructor or Range Safety Officer per 6 students. 

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