Owner / Firearms Instructor

Beau Durocher

Mr D. has dedicated his entire life to teaching self defense. He began at the young age of 12 and has since trained and taught across the US and traveled to Israel for Krav Maga Instructor Training. He has taught 1000’s of civilians, law enforcement, and military units across the US and right here in Idaho. 

Krav Maga and Firearms training fall under the same umbrella of self defense. They are both built on principles and they can both change your the direction of your life even when your decision is done with the best of intentions. 

Mr D draws his instructor training from working with several Law Enforcement and Military Instructors for the last twenty years. His unique approach to firearms training is based on principles and mindset. 

He loves watching a student achieve their “Ah Ha” moment.  Whether it is a student who hears something in a different way and it sticks, or a beginner who believes they can now protect themselves, their family, and pass on responsible gun ownership to the next generation.

Brad Richards

Firearms Instructor
Trauma & First Aid Instructor

Brad Richards

Brad continues a 25+ year career in Wildland Fire Management. He holds an Airline Pilot and Single/ Multi Engine/Instrument Flight Instructor Certificates. Brad enjoys helping others develop the confidence and competency to be responsibly armed citizens. He has a strong background in teaching and will work you help you fulfill your training goals.

Firearms Instructor

Bill Taylor

As a shooting sports enthusiast, I have been shooting various types of firearms for 15+ years. Initially I was curious, then as my wife and I built a family, I wanted to become proficient to protect what we had built, but also to be able to teach my children. I trained with friends, and family, then started taking classes from various firearms instructors.


My passion for firearms instruction grew from a chance moment when I was able to help a gentleman, who was disabled, to shoot single handedly. He wanted to shoot with his kids, and be able to protect his family. After a short session I had him shooting better than he ever had before, and his wife in tears gave me a hug and thanked me. I had only given what I was given, but I was hooked.


From this experience I saw how proper firearms training could help equalize nearly anyone to the threats they might face in life. I become much more interested in learning to teach others. I took on more training with an instructor focus, and have had the privilege to work along side some absolutely awesome people, refining my craft, and becoming a better instructor, and a better shot, something I will always be chasing as there is no perfection but the pursuit of perfection.


Since then I have worked with a few hundred people from all walks of life to help them get over any anxiety, learn the fundamentals of safety, and operation of various firearms, and come to enjoy the craft. I look forward to working with you and your family.

Senior Firearms Instructor

Doug Martin is our Senior Firearms Instructor and the developer of our curriculum and maintains the standards for our Instructor team. 

Doug has worked within several large Law Enforcement Agencies in California for the last thirty years. At each agency he was in charge of the entire Firearms Training Program. 

Doug draws his tactical experience from 30 years of patrol duty to include over 20 years on the SWAT team. 





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